Strength. Love. Action.

Win the Battle with Yourself

Most of what eludes us can be fixed by gaining control of our brains. Happiness and success have so much to do with the inner workings of our mind and so little to do with external factors such as environment or people. I am not saying that you don’t have to work relentlessly hard to achieve goals. Of course, that’s all part of it. I am just suggesting that to do that relentless and consistent thing that your brain wants to protect you from, you must win a battle within yourself…

The field of energy around us.

Get Back to Happy

Remember that “But did you die, though?” quote from a friend who was trying to cheer you up? Trying to make you tough-out some strange situation? Well, I think the quote we should keep as our personal mantras should be: “But did you LOVE, though?” No matter what your beliefs are – we seem to all agree that love is a powerful force. The interesting thing about the nature of love is that it is unseen. When we choose love, no one but us may be aware. But, our soul is full and is reflected in our happiness.

Be grounded. Love yourself.

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The ButterKnife Theory:

the butter knife theory

This book is written for every young person who has ever struggled to find answers. The Butter Knife Theory is a set of simple suggestions meant to make you feel better. It’s written to make you feel loved…because sometimes you just need a loving, solid friend. My genuine hope is the you will find a friend in these pages… a friend who is there, in challenging moments, with compassion and love.

Meet Dr. Karen

Author, speaker, and friend

Dr. Karen is a spiritual and practical guide, speaker, author, educator, and friend. Dr. Karen has been in education all of her life, working in both secondary schools and universities. Her work as an University Supervisor of Student Teachers, an English teacher, and a Leadership Coach have given her excellent insight and awareness into the challenges we all face throughout our lives.

Dr. Karen fans love her genuine heart, her warmth, and her willingness to share so much of herself. Her messages are universal. Her speaking style is completely relatable and her writing style is conversational. Dr. Karen has a way of making you feel like an instant friend. She will inspire fire, fight, and strength in you….and you will walk away with something very special. Audiences leave with a sense that they are not alone and that they can thrive in a chaotic world.

Dr. Karen’s warmth, guidance, and relatability have a way of giving her audiences just what they need to hear…that they are not alone. Her advice combines spiritual and practical wisdom.

“Always be a dreamer but, keep one toe on the ground!”
We just can’t get enough Dr. Karen!

Dr. Karen is a mom, beloved educator, and sought-after public speaker. She lives with her husband Scott, and three amazing children, on a ranch in southwestern Pennsylvania.

“That you find your light through strength, love, and action...that is my greatest wish for you." - Dr. Karen

Ph.D., Instructional Management and Leadership (IML)
Master of Arts, Teaching (MAT)
Bachelor of Arts, Secondary Education
Recognized by NEA magazine and Cable in the classroom magazines
Named an “Angel Among Us” by Herald Standard Newspaper
Appeared on the televised “Education Showcase.”
Authored a forthcoming book series entitled “The BKT.”
“BKT I - Finding Your Way Out of a Dark Space” is due out in November.

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